Is The Cost Of Mail Order Brides Too High?

The first question many men ask when considering an international marriage seems like a sensible one: “How much do mail order brides cost?. However, asking this question is a bit like asking “How Much Does A House Cost?”, in that there is no clear answer that applies to every situation. The cost of a mail order bride is nowhere near the price of a house, but depending on where your bride to be hails from, how many meetings you have with her before you decide to marry her, and a host of of other factors, the total cost of acquiring a mail order bride can vary by hundreds, and sometmes thousands of dollars.

A common misconception about mail order brides has to do with the actual costs involved and where the money goes. Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive part of acquiring a mail ordrer bride is usually the travel involved to meet her, with agency fees and legal costs coming in a distant second. Traditionally, many women interested in becoming a mail order bride would go through an agency, and the fees involved in simply contacting these women could be very high. However, there are now several free mail order brides sites, and international dating sites that cater to women looking to marry American men, so the cost of getting a mail order bride has never been lower.

Why Pay For A Mail Order Bride?


At one time or another, every American man has fantasized about a mail order bride. The increasingly matieralisitc culture of America has given rise to a generation of women who seem to think that nothing is too good for them, and expect or demand to be treated in a manner that is

cost of mail order brides

cost of mail order brides

difficult or impossible to maintain. For many American women, it’s no longer good enough for a man to have a good job, she wants a man with vast amounts of disposable income, and it’s no longer enough for a man to be a faithful husband, he needs to remain by her side constantly while she shops for housewares and works her way through an endless series of famer’s markets, antique stores, and other “fun things”. When faced with options like these, what man wouldn’t want an exotic woman from a foreign land who would be content just to be his wife? While American women can be loud, demanding, and ungrateful, women from other countries still have “old-fashioned” ideas about what a marriage should be, and how a woman should treat her husband. For the man who is looking for a special combination of exotic looks blended with a naturally submissive “easy-to-please” attitude, a mail order bride may be the perfect fit.




Types Of Mail Order Brides


There are many types of mail order brides available today, and the process and costs involved with getting your own foreign born bride can vary greatly depending on where your future wife is coming from. Mail order brides can be from anywhere in the world. There are thousands of women in Eastern Europe and Asia who are just waiting for their chance to honor, love, and serve an American husband.  Traditionally, mail order brides tend to come from one of three groups.

Russian Mail Order Brides


Russian Mail Order Brides are by far the most popular type of mail order bride today, in fact, when most people think of a mail order bride, they usually picture a Russian mail order bride.  However, the end of the cold war has opened up eastern European women to the idea of marrying an American husband, and these days it’s possible to find Ukrainian mail order brides, Polish mail order brides, and women from other countries in eastern Europe.


Latin Mail Order Brides


Latin mail order brides have become increasingly popular in recent years.


 Asian Mail Order Brides


Since the end of the second world war, the thought of a patient, submissive bride from Asia has been in the back of the mind of many American men.  If you are looking for the ultimate exotic experience, asian mail order brides might be a good place to start.


 Other Types Of Mail Order Brides


With the globalization offered by the internet, many women from all over the world are now aware of, and actively seeking American husbands.


 How To Get A Mail Order Bride


The largest costs associated with finding a mail order bride will be related to travel. Immigration laws in the United State require a minimum of one face to face meeting between you and your future wife before you can apply for a K-1 Fiancee VISA. Because mail order brides can come from all over the world, the travel costs associated with finding an international wife can vary greatly. For example, if you live in the southwestern United States, and you are interested in finding a Mexican bride, you may be able to drive into Mexico for the face to face meeting. The only fee that all immigration marriages are required to pay is the $450 for a K-1 Fiancee VISA.  In short, if you are interested in international romance, there is no reason the cost of mail order brides should stand in your way.